Healthdirect Case Study: Service Design Blueprint

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June - December 2016:

Outurn was engaged to provide a service design blueprint for Healthdirect's gateway for mental health. It was a challenging subject matter, with a rewarding outcome - part of a change improvement for people with mental health issues.

We split our work into 3 distinct stages, 1. Analyse, 2. Implement, 3. Maintain


1. Analyse:

Gather inputs from the business to better understand what needs to be achieved.

Types of information gathered:
Information, data, metrics, KPIs

Activities undertaken:

    • Value proposition
    • Customer research findings
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Business KPIs
    • Metric analysis
    • Content audit outputs
    • Competitive analysis outputs
    • Heuristic analysis
    • Accessibility analysis

ANALYSE tasks completed:
Throughout 4 weeks


2. Implement:

Formulate and ideate by visualising, aligning and prototyping the experience across current and future states.

2a. Current state - Discovery

Types of assets:
Visualisations of the current experience

Activities undertaken:

    • Taxonomies
    • Service moments
    • Ecosystem mapping
    • Experience mapping
    • Task analysis
    • Use cases & scenarios
    • Gap analysis

2b. Future state - Co-design, iterate & validate

Types of assets:
Aligning and prototyping the future experience

Activities undertaken:

    • Improved Taxonomies
    • Improved Service moments
    • Improved Ecosystem
    • Improved Experience
    • Improved Tasks
    • Improved Scenarios

Additional activities undertaken:

    • Prioritised Roadmap (from Gap analysis)
    • Customer journey mapping
    • User flows
    • Card sorting
    • Storyboards
    • Sketches
    • Wireframes
    • Prototypes

IMPLEMENT A & B tasks completed:
Throughout 23 weeks, 7 co-design workshops in 4 states.



Report on the outcomes from the analyse and implement stages and how to maintain momentum and focus moving forward.

Types of reporting:
Service Design Blueprint

Activities undertaken:

    • Service Design blueprint digital
    • Report for the Department of Health
    • Tender creation and alignment
    • MVP prototypes

MAINTAIN tasks completed:
Throughout 5 weeks


Project details:

Project team: 1.5 people for 7 months onsite

Cost to client: approximately $200,000 + GST, plus co-design workshop costs

Quote of awarded tender: $2 million

Outcome: The awarded company received a clear blueprint of how mental health currently works, and how it can be enhanced to improve business process and customer support across a very complex ecosystem and emotive subject area.

“Outurn are great to deal with - they are capable of quickly identifying the "big picture" of a digital project, and then delivering the Service and UX designs needed to fulfil that vision.

They are also adaptable and strike a strong balance between the practical and the creative - which is very reassuring when managing project parameters.

They run a well-organised ship at Outurn and I've found the people there to be excellent in their digital specialties. I can wholeheartedly recommend Outurn.”

Anthony Fallick: Senior Product Manager, Healthdirect

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